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Deere Employees Credit Union

Credit unions are non-for-profit financial organizations owned and run by their members, offering an extensive array of premier financial services such as checking accounts, savings accounts, auto loans, mortgage loans and credit cards to name just some. They also provide online banking and mobile apps that make account management simple – anytime, anywhere. Deere Employees Credit Union, located in Moline, Illinois, serves Deere & Company’s global workforce of approximately 60,000 employees and retirees as well as contract employees employed through wholly-owned subsidiaries or joint ventures associated with this credit union; John Deere Dealers and their families as well. It currently boasts 42,000 members with 25 branches located inside John Deere facilities around the world.

Deere Employees Credit Union jobs typically pay an average annual salary of $81,410, though individual salaries can differ based on job title, department and location. Some positions within this industry pay much higher than others – for instance a Member Services Representative- Atascocita typically brings in $155,049. On the other end of the spectrum sits Digital Services Specialist jobs which average at an annual salary of $33,791.

Deere Employees Credit Union takes great steps to protect its members and employees alike by offering mandatory training, frequent security updates and various preventive initiatives such as mandatory background checks on new hires before starting their careers at Deere Employees Credit Union. In order to do this, Deere Employees Credit Union takes many measures that include mandatory training sessions, frequent security updates and anti-fraud team investigations for any reported fraudulent incidents that arise at its branches and members alike.

Credit union has earned numerous accolades for its efforts in improving member well-being, such as winning an American Bankers Association’s National Award for Excellence in Consumer Protection and an Illinois Community First Award. Furthermore, it was recognized for empowering women financially as well as for supporting alternative and sustainable forms of energy sources.

As part of its planned merger with Illinois-based Deere Employees Credit Union, Infinity Credit Union of Maine has discontinued handling coins at all five branches as part of a plan to unify both credit unions under one management system while still preserving individual identities and brands. This merger should be complete by September 1.

Deere Employees Credit Union was founded in 1935 to meet the financial needs of employees at John Deere & Co. It has since grown into one of Maine’s premier credit unions, serving over 60,000 customers globally with services that include checking, savings and money market accounts, business services, personal and commercial loans, retirement planning services and insurance products. With locations in Westbrook, Arundel Bangor Portland Scarborough (ME) Infinity boasts more than $1.2 billion in assets across Maine!






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