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Decatur Earthmover Credit Union

Decatur Earthmover Credit Union is a financial institution offering banking services to its members. Services offered include personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, savings accounts and credit cards – among others. Decatur Earthmover Credit Union was established in 1956 and its headquarters can be found in Forsyth Illinois.

As of 2023, Decatur Earthmover Credit Union boasted 93 employees and 21,838 members across six locations, with assets between $10M – $50M. They earned a B rating from Better Business Bureau.

Credit unions are member-owned financial institutions that offer a range of consumer and business financial products and services at competitive interest rates. Credit unions are non-profit organizations, returning a portion of earnings back to members through dividends; individuals can share in its profits by depositing funds into their accounts, borrowing at reduced interest rates from those funds or participating in other member-controlled activities.

Credit unions tend to provide lower mortgage and personal loan interest rates than banks or other financial institutions, as well as reduced fees on checking and savings accounts. When choosing a credit union, however, it’s essential that one consider its reputation, rate, terms of available loans as well as availability of services like online bill pay and direct deposits.

Employee Reviews of Decatur Earthmover Credit Union

Decatur Earthmover has earned itself an outstanding reputation as a community-minded financial institution. Locally owned and managed, this credit union features four branches located throughout Decatur and Forsyth – offering services throughout Illinois as well as Indiana and Wisconsin for members who utilize its not-for-profit nature and NCUA insurance protection.

Decatur Earthmover offers an average salary for employees at $79,505. However, this figure will depend on your department and individual salary level – for instance a business analyst might make more than digital services specialist due to different levels of education and additional skills required for both roles.

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