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Cumberland County Federal Credit Union

Cumberland County Federal Credit Union is an innovative financial institution offering an array of services to its members. Their primary mission is to meet members’ financial needs responsibly and cost-effectively, including loans, credit cards, mortgages, savings accounts and more. With branches in Gray, Portland, Westbrook Windham Yarmouth Maine – they take great pride in delivering excellent customer service while remaining active members in their community.

Cumberland County Federal Credit Union is an NCUA-insured credit union with approximately $427.5 million in assets, located in Falmouth, Maine with approximately 74 employees.

Cumberland County Federal Credit Union was founded in 1954 as a cooperative financial institution owned and run by its members, united by common ties, who democratically govern it under state and federal regulation.

CCFCU stands on a strong and secure foundation of financial experience and local roots to offer their members competitive loans and products at the most reasonable rates possible. Their management team and board of directors are dedicated to CCFCU’s purpose and values while their Supervisory Committee works diligently to conduct annual audits, review them for any necessary adjustments, and implement them whenever required.

As a member of Cumberland County Federal Credit Union, you can access your account easily in just a few steps. Simply login into online banking and click “Online Banking” or “Login”, located near the top of each page. After signing in, you can view accounts, manage bills, and much more!

Access your account easily using CU*Talk Phone Banking service. CU*Talk allows you to connect to your CCFCU account instantly with just one call 24/7; all that’s needed to begin is your member number and PIN number.

CU*Talk makes banking simple and accessible for busy individuals. Simply call and provide your member number and PIN, then speak directly with an associate who will then check your balance, make transfers and provide other assistance as necessary. Available to all members CU*Talk offers convenient solutions when needed most.

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