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Cumberland County Federal Credit Union Falmouth

Cumberland County Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative offering financial services to its members since 1954. Their primary mission is keeping banking simple for their members. Convenient services offered include online banking and bill pay as well as offering Visa cards and rewards programs.

Residents in Cumberland County, PA could take advantage of retirement planner services by consulting one. These professionals provide vital guidance to individuals as they plan for the future and ensure they will have enough income in retirement to live comfortably.

Vision Values & Mission

CCFCU’s Board of Directors is elected by our membership and sets general direction and oversees our affairs. CCFCU’s Management Team comprises experienced credit union professionals with local roots who make decisions based on what best serves both members and the community.

At our Credit Union, we offer free Notary Services and Medallion Signature Guarantees to those who have an account or relationship for at least six months. These services help safeguard our members by verifying the identity of signatories to documents and securities.

Routing Number & Locations

Routing numbers (also referred to as routing transit numbers or ABA numbers) are nine-digit identification numbers used to identify financial institutions during transactions. They help identify who opened it, its type and where. Every bank has their own set of routing numbers that are unique.

Your Credit Union (CU)’s ABA routing number can be found at the bottom left of any check. It could appear either before or after your account number and may be needed when transferring money between accounts, setting up direct deposit with employers, filing taxes online and using ACH payments.


Cumberland County Federal Credit Union offers an array of checking services designed to meet your financial needs. These services include basic checking accounts, an overdraft line of credit for free overdraft situations and visa debit cards. In addition, CCFCU also offers other electronic services like online banking, bill pay and e-statements/alerts.

CCFCU offers its members access to secure phone banking through its CU*Talk Phone Banking service, providing 24/7 access to account information through an automated system. Text message fees from your mobile carrier may apply.

Real-time alerts keep you abreast of account activity – these alerts may come via SMS, email, or the It’s Me 247 Message Center.


Cumberland County Federal Credit Union serves communities throughout Maine from its base in Falmouth. Offering savings, investments, loans and credit card services – it provides savings, investments, loans and credit cards all under one roof.

Cumberland County FCU also offers its members additional services, such as notary and Medallion Signature Guarantee services. Notary services are free to members who have accounts or continuing relationships with the Credit Union while Medallion Signature Guarantees protect financial documents such as stock certificates, bonds and other valuable financial assets.

The Credit Union is licensed by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), operating under its SIC code of 5422 as a financial cooperative.

Loans & Credit Cards

CCFCU offers its members an assortment of personal loans and credit cards at highly competitive rates, all designed to help meet their financial goals with convenient access to both loans and savings products and services.

All CCFCU Visa card accounts are serviced directly, unlike many other institutions which use third-party card services. This means you’ll get answers directly from us when calling, instead of being routed through to an out-of-state company for support.

Gain real-time electronic alerts of transactions using electronic Statements. Select which alerts to receive and how they’re delivered (email, text or both). Free for members enrolled in eStatements.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Cumberland County residents can make use of the knowledge and expertise of a retirement planner to save money and plan for their financial future by developing a personalized savings strategy tailored specifically to their unique financial situation.

Retirement planners can also assist with estate planning. This ensures assets are distributed according to an individual’s wishes.

CCFCU’s IRA Certificates are federally and privately insured up to $250,000 through Excess Share Insurance (ESI), for a combined maximum of $500,000. They also offer steady returns with a fixed rate of return throughout their lifespan.






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