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Credit Union Routing Number and ABA Routing Number

A routing number is a nine-digit code that uniquely identifies your financial institution. You’ll find it on checks or your bank’s online banking portal.

ABA Routing Number

The American Bankers Association Routing Number, also known as an ABA Routing Number, is the nine-digit identification of your financial institution that appears at the bottom of a paper check (from left to right: routing number, bank account number and check number). ABA numbers can also be used electronically for bank-to-bank transfers such as ACH transactions and Fedwire wire transfers – although larger banks may have multiple ABA Routing Numbers dedicated specifically for each region they operate in.

ABA routing numbers consist of four parts. The prefix indicates which region the bank is in; numerator indicates membership in American Bankers Association; checksum provides verification that transactions are valid;

Your American Bankers Association routing number can be found on either the bottom of a paper check or within a set of numbers printed using MICR font. It is usually the first number listed, followed by an image depicting a frowning face – this symbol indicates its use to ensure smooth transfer of funds across America. ABA routing numbers play a critical role in funding transfers within America.

ACH Routing Number

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) routing number serves as an identifier that helps the Automated Clearing House system locate a bank to process payments more efficiently. It begins with the Federal Reserve district where each bank resides and comprises nine-digits.

Paper checks offer another method of finding this number by looking in the lower left corner of each check. In general, ACH numbers appear before account numbers but may sometimes be obscured with an odd symbol that looks similar to an angry frowning face.

To protect the security of your accounts, it is vital that you do not share your digital banking login credentials with anyone. Workers Credit Union reserves the right to deny access if it believes your login credentials have been compromised and prevent access.

VISA Debit Card Number

Users of a Credit Union VISA Debit Card also require knowledge of its routing number – a sixteen-digit number unique to that card, distinct from its account number. It begins with an image representing a frowning face and concludes with a colon.

Wise allows international money transfers through its routing number system. In addition to transfers within one bank account, it also facilitates direct deposits, bill payments and automated transfers; its use should never be shared through email or social media as it risks becoming lost in transit.

Customers without paper checks can locate their routing number by accessing their online banking portal or calling their branch of Workers Credit Union. Their ABA routing number is 211382931 – also found on every check issued from this Credit Union.

Share Draft Account Number

Credit union share draft accounts offer similar services as checking accounts offered by banks, providing an effective means for managing daily finances. Like their bank counterparts, these accounts usually come equipped with debit cards for point-of-sale purchases and ATM cash withdrawals, earning dividends that help build your balance over time – the main difference being ownership by members rather than shareholders.

When selecting a credit union, it is crucial to evaluate its mobile app features and online banking options, specifically any integrations with personal finance apps or digital tools that help track spending. Also consider any fees associated with these services – many credit unions don’t charge monthly maintenance fees which can save money and are covered by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), providing your deposits protection in case of financial turmoil.






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