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Credit Union 1 Arena

On the campus of University of Illinois at Chicago lies credit union 1 Arena – commonly referred to as UIC Pavilion until recently – a multipurpose arena that serves a multitude of functions. From exciting sporting matches and concerts, to performing arts performances and concerts throughout the year. Furthermore, this arena serves as home for University of Illinois at Chicago UIC Flames men’s and women’s basketball teams!

Credit Union 1 Arena is a large, modern venue with both lower and upper bowl seating, first opened as UIC Pavilion in 1982 before officially changing over to Credit Union 1 Arena following a 15-year naming rights agreement with Credit Union 1. It opened to campus audiences for use during commencement exams in November 2018.

Floor Seats – At credit union 1 arena, floor seats offer an unobstructed view of the stage and are an ideal way to experience any show. Though these tickets don’t come cheap, they provide an unrivaled vantage of all that happens on stage – especially with regards to performers close-up! For optimal viewing pleasure and viewing pleasure without feeling too close, first rows on center are the best bet – these provide perfect viewing without getting in their way!

Lower Level End Sections at Credit Union 1 Arena provide a comfortable view of concerts at this arena, although their view may not match up to that of lower level side sections. While they don’t compare with front-row seating options or offer the best value ticket price possible.

Upper Level End Sections at Credit Union 1 Arena may seem distant from the stage; higher numbered rows tend to provide better viewing experiences than their counterparts in lower numbered rows.

Discover Upcoming Credit Union 1 Arena Events

At Credit Union 1 Arena, there’s something for everyone at any age – from classic hip hop concerts to indie pop acts such as Gucci Mane and Cam’ron! Don’t miss the next event here at this venue that showcases a wide array of musical genres like The Strokes to Gucci Mane and Cam’ron!

If you are planning on attending a concert at Credit Union 1 Arena, make sure you purchase tickets early. Tickets can be bought either in-person at the box office on Thursdays and Fridays or online from Ticketmaster. It’s easily accessible by public transit with close access from Harrison and Racine streets as well as several major highways such as Eisenhower, Kennedy and Dan Ryan expressways; Chicago Transit Authority buses stop right outside; local commuter rail stations can be found near Union and Northwestern stations; parking options can also be found adjacent to the Arena for easy convenience!






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