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Cottonwood Community Credit Union

Cottonwood Community Credit Union provides banking services including checking and savings accounts, loans and credit cards as well as providing financial advice and helping small businesses expand. It specializes in supporting their growth.

Membership to Cottonwood Branch Credit Union is open to people living, working, worshipping or volunteering in Idaho or Lewis Counties as well as their family members. In addition, shared branching services with other participating credit unions is provided at Cottonwood.


Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union operates as a financial institution, offering banking, investment, deposit accounts, insurance, security services, credit and debit cards and related products and services for residents in Idaho communities. Established in 1942 and headquartered in Cottonwood, ID.

Credit unions operate “not for profit, not for charity, but for service”; unlike banks they pool members’ savings into shared accounts and lend out the funds at reasonable rates. Cottonwood Community Credit Union later expanded with Nezperce and Cottonwood branches before merging with Pine Tree Community Credit Union in 2022, adding Grangeville and Riggins branches.

Values & Mission

Credit unions are non-profit financial institutions run with a cooperative spirit by their members who share in its profits via dividends on deposits. Our Idaho credit union serves communities throughout Idaho.

Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union currently boasts an exceptional Tracxn Score of 6/100 and ranks 2710th out of 4109 competitors.

Members are invited to visit Cottonwood Credit Union branch and experience its distinctive approach compared to that of a bank. Staff at this location is more than happy to assist anyone walking through its door – whether or not they’re members of SLFCU!


Cottonwood Community Credit Union provides banking essentials such as checking and savings accounts, loans, investment solutions and other related financial services to people in Idaho and Lewis Counties. Their personal finance products and services include online and mobile banking accounts for investments/deposit accounts/insurance/security/credit cards/retirement planning solutions – among others.

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The Credit Union offers members various savings solutions. Members can save for vacation, new home purchase, car purchase and other major expenses with high-interest rates and convenient online and mobile banking solutions. In addition, The Credit Union offers lending solutions such as mortgage loans, auto loans and personal lines of credit.

Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union offers its employees an estimated annual compensation of an average $65,936. This estimate is based on 29 salary records, and it exceeds the median rate for similar jobs at other companies. Their highest-paid employee is their Chief Financial Officer with annual compensation estimated at $73,741. Meanwhile, Member Service Representatives at $31,427 receive their lowest pay.

Loans & Credit Cards

Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union provides various loan products, such as personal and auto loans, mortgages and home equity lines of credit. They also offer savings accounts, checking services and retirement planning planning solutions – serving residents in Idaho and Lewis Counties who live, work, attend school, worship or volunteer within these counties as well as their organizations.

Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union offers its employees an average annual salary of $65,936, or $32. The highest paid job at the company is Chief Financial Officer with an annual salary of $358,006 as opposed to Member Service Representative jobs that usually pay an average annual salary of $73,741.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Cottonwood Community Federal Credit Union offers retirement planning services to assist its members in meeting their financial goals and planning for a comfortable future. Their highly trained advisors specialize in various investment options; furthermore, their deep understanding of local economies makes their service all the more valuable in today’s volatile world economy.

Cottonwood Heights, Utah is an idyllic city for retirees to call home, with many opportunities available for winter sports enthusiasts due to its proximity to world-class ski resorts. Unfortunately, due to high living costs it can be challenging for retirees to effectively manage expenses and save money; luckily the financial professionals at Cottonwood Heights Credit Union offer their assistance by developing budgets and savings plans designed to meet residents’ goals.






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