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Coastal1 Credit Union

Pawtucket Credit Union operates both a branch and an ATM in Pawtucket and provides services like checking, savings, money market accounts, retirement accounts certificates of deposit loans. They serve residents or workers from Rhode Island, Connecticut and Massachusetts; as of 2022 there were 84,000 members and $2.3 billion worth of assets!

Credit unions also provide savings and investment products like retirement accounts, IRA certificates and Roth IRAs for its members to take advantage of, including retirement accounts, IRA certificates and Roth IRAs. Furthermore, their checking and savings accounts offer competitive interest rates; such as their savings account offering an APY rate of 3.0% while CDs feature nine or 48 month terms with minimum deposits starting from $500.

Other services provided by this bank include mortgages, auto loans and business banking. Their mobile app enables account management from any device; their debit and credit cards can even be linked directly with smartphones so you can pay at participating stores using contactless payments.

Coastal1 Credit Union can be an excellent option for residents or workers located within its service area, or those looking for an all-in-one financial relationship from one institution. Unfortunately, however, they may not provide top yield savings accounts with no fees associated with checking and savings accounts.

Pawtucket Credit Union can be found online via its ABA routing number of 103529291 and has 207 employees under President and CEO Brian Azar.

The Pawtucket Credit Union’s headquarters and several of its branches can be found throughout Rhode Island. Their most recently opened location at Zero Stuart St is an office space featuring office space, meeting rooms and retail space; other branches can be found in Providence, East Providence and Woonsocket.

Pawtucket is home to numerous businesses, including one of Rhode Island’s largest credit unions. This city features an eclectic workforce; as such, this credit union strives to offer services tailored specifically towards each resident in Pawtucket.

Pawtucket Credit Union’s board of directors consists of twelve members. This body meets several times each year to discuss company strategy and goals as well as reviewing annual reports and financial statements. Furthermore, this body has the authority to change bylaws or policies related to the credit union as well as hire or dismiss senior staff like executive directors and chief lending officers.






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