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Cleveland Police Credit Union

The Cleveland Police Credit Union provides financial services for law enforcement officers and their families. Their loans and credit cards can meet individual member needs.

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Cleveland Police Credit Union strives to meet its members’ financial needs with exceptional personal service and competitive rates, all while remaining financially strong and stable.

Cleveland Division of Police (CDP) employs an aviation unit utilizing MD helicopters for patrol purposes, which allows them to cover more area than with traditional patrol methods such as foot patrol or automobiles alone.

Settlement agreement reached between the city and its police officers includes extensive training changes for recruits and veteran cops alike, programs to identify troubled officers, and an independent monitor. Prior to its implementation, this plan must be approved by a federal judge.

Values & Mission

Karrie Howard’s decision to remove police officers’ names from department bulletins detailing discipline cases has reignited debate about how transparent the city should be with its employees, especially after two officer-involved shootings occurred in Minneapolis and Baton Rouge respectively. It comes amid ongoing tension between communities and law enforcement as a result.

Jackson emphasizes the significance of building strong relationships between police officers and their communities. He recognizes the concerns voiced by community members regarding force used on them by officers as well as levels of transparency within departments.

Routing Number & Locations

Routing numbers, also known as ABA routing transit numbers, identify financial institutions by name and location. Routing numbers are used to facilitate direct deposit of payroll checks, wire transfers, ACH payments and more. Cleveland Police Credit Union currently has one branch location that may offer different products or dedicated phone numbers; come visit today and experience personal service! Since 1938, Cleveland Police Credit Union has offered exclusive banking products and services exclusively designed to benefit federal, state, county and city law enforcement employees and their families.


Cleveland Police Credit Union offers checking services with competitive interest rates, online banking and mobile apps. Members also have access to an array of lending solutions and credit cards tailored specifically for them, making Cleveland Police credit union a trusted financial partner no matter if saving for retirement, buying a car or building a home is your goal. Cleveland Police stands ready to support each step along their journey!

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Cleveland Police Credit Union (CPCU) is a state chartered credit union offering comprehensive financial services. Our membership base consists of federal, state, county and municipal law enforcement agencies within Ohio that engage in police protection or law enforcement work as well as their families – each purchasing shares to build up resources that they can tap in times of need – from dream vacation savings plans, home purchases or educational vehicles for their kids to retirement planning; Cleveland Police can help support all your financial journey needs every step of the way!

Loans & Credit Cards

The Cleveland Police Credit Union offers its members a comprehensive suite of banking essentials, lending solutions, and retirement planning tools. Members can take advantage of checking accounts with competitive rates and convenient online and mobile banking features; savings accounts offering generous interest; as well as accessing auto loans, home equity lines of credit mortgages personal lines of credit personal lines of credit personal lines of credit personal lines of credit personal lines of credit with flexible pay off schedules to suit every lifestyle; in addition members earn CURewards points on every purchase made using their credit card and can pay off balances anytime anywhere for peace of mind.

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Retirement Planning & Investments

We are a full service, not-for-profit state chartered financial institution owned by its members. Membership is open to federal, state, county and municipal employees of departments engaged in the police protection industry in Ohio as well as their families.

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