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Chocolate Bayou Credit Union

Chocolate Bayou Credit Union provides an extensive range of financial services. These include checking and savings accounts as well as lending solutions such as personal loans, auto loans, mortgages, home equity lines of credit and student loans – all serving communities throughout Texas.

Bank was established in 1958 and is located at 10618 Crossroads Plaza Dr, Pearland TX 77584 in United States. Employing 38 staff and boasting annual revenue exceeding $3.3 Million with over $5M loan portfolio; FDIC rates the bank as A+.

Deposits at this Bank are insured up to $250k per depositor and its most popular loan purpose is Cash Out Refi, followed by Home Purchase loans. Houston and Texas are its key markets.

Chocolate Bayou Community Federal Credit Union is a smaller lender that specializes in conventional mortgages. In 2022 alone, this credit union originated over $1.985,000 worth of conventional loans; their most frequently selected rate bucket was 4-5% while 15 year loans were most popular loan durations.

Chocolate Bayou Community Federal Credit Union placed special attention in 2022 on providing loans to those with incomes between $100k-150k, making 39 such originations loans. Furthermore, 65 borrowers had DTI ratios below 20% that required lending by this Bank.

Chocolate Bayou Community FCU is a smaller lender that specializes in Conventional mortgages. In 2022 alone, they made 76 conventional loan originations transactions, most often Cash Out Refi loans.






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