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Chicago Patrolmen’s Credit Union

Access contact details, business hours, membership eligibility information, online banking information, financial details and service status as well as member-exclusive resources.

No matter its growth, the credit union remains true to its mission of serving police officers and their families’ financial needs – from borrowing products that facilitate borrowing, promote thrift and encourage wise money management; to offering competitive products which facilitate borrowing while encouraging thrift.

Vision Values & Mission

Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union began as a blue shirt organization open only to Chicago-area officers and their immediate family members in 1938, later expanding nationwide to meet financial needs of police officers and their families.

Chicago Patrolmen’s has developed close ties with members of the National Fraternal Order of Police, which allows it to offer products and services directly to sworn police officers throughout the nation through local chapters known as lodges. Furthermore, Chicago Patrolmen’s has increased its reach through strategic partnerships and co-op shared branching agreements with other police credit unions.

Even as its membership expands, the Credit Union remains true to its original mission of meeting the financial needs of law enforcement families, and this strategy has proven itself by increasing steadily over time.

Routing Number & Locations

Chicago Patrolmens Federal Credit Union’s ABA Routing Number, commonly referred to as bank routing transit number, is 271078146 and used for wire transfers, direct deposits, electronic payments and other financial transactions.

Credit Union Financial Summary

Gain an in-depth perspective of a credit union’s health with this comprehensive report covering key metrics from assets to liabilities, member resources, business hours and contact details as well as branch locations near you. NCUA coverage protects accounts up to $250,000 per individual while the National Police Credit Union offers Killed in the Line of Duty loan protection to active full-time law enforcement officers.


At IFS Financial Group, our members benefit from access to competitive financial products and services that facilitate borrowing, promote thriftiness and foster sound money management practices. Membership is open to Police Officers “on the beat” as well as their immediate family members.

Business Days/Hours of Operation

Bill Payer Service is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week with the exception of Credit Union holidays. A Bill Payment Monthly Inactivity Service Fee may be imposed if there is no activity during any monthly billing cycle.

If sufficient funds are not present in your Share Draft (Checking) Account by the Bill Payment processing date, the Credit Union will send an insufficient funds notification by email and attempt to process your transaction two more times.


Chicago Patrolmen’s Federal Credit Union was founded in 1938 with an exclusive membership focus. Over time, its niche-like offerings have allowed it to lower competition and acquisition costs as well as foster increased loyalty with members.

By accessing your account online, you agree to the terms of the CPFCU Home Banking Disclosure Statement. Please read it thoroughly, print a copy for yourself and retain for future reference.

Anyone with access to your PIN (Personal Identification Number/Password) can gain entry to your accounts, even if they aren’t joint owners on them. For the safety of your finances, always keep it confidential and do not share it with anyone.

Loans & Credit Cards

Credit unions provide loans and credit cards as well as retirement planning and investment services, with savings products such as share certificates, individual retirement accounts (IRA), mutual funds and ATMs offering direct deposit, remote withdrawal and cash back options.

Organization is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial cooperative dedicated to serving communities throughout Illinois and open to federal, state and local government employees as members.

Members can take advantage of competitive fees and rates on loans, investments, credit cards and other banking services – including the exclusive Kill in the Line of Duty Loan Protection available only to law enforcement officers.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Chicago Patrolmen’s Credit Union provides retirement planning and investment services, in addition to financial products. Their full array of investment products includes IRAs, mutual funds and individual securities available through LPL Financial; an investment advisor/broker dealer registered with FINRA/SPIC.

Chicago Patrolmen’s has established itself as an institution with strong roots in Chicago, as well as partnerships and branching arrangements with police departments throughout the country. Furthermore, to further its growth plans, it has made strides into joining National Fraternal Order of Police Lodges across the country – this relationship allows it to develop products specifically targeted toward officer families.






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