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Cherokee County Federal Credit Union

When choosing the ideal financial institution for you banking needs, it’s essential to carefully weigh all of your options. Banks and credit unions offer similar products; which one will suit you depends on your values.

Credit unions differ from banks by being non-profit, meaning their focus lies on serving members rather than shareholders.

Vision Value Mission

At our not-for-profit financial cooperative, member ownership and operation are central. Our tailored solutions help our members navigate their financial journeys.

Cherokee County Teachers Federal Credit Union is subject to oversight by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an independent agency which offers insurance protection to members-owners of federally insured credit unions, charters and regulates them, as well as providing equitable financial inclusion within communities.

Your agreement to keep confidential and secure access codes issued to you for accounts with the Credit Union does not permit anyone else to share them, and you are solely responsible for their safekeeping. Furthermore, should any unauthorized use or breach of security be detected please notify us immediately so we can address it quickly.


Credit unions typically provide lower fees and higher interest rates on savings accounts and loans than banks do, making them the go-to choice for consumers looking for lower fees and better returns. Furthermore, these institutions often provide tailored solutions to help members meet their financial goals more easily.

MFCU is committed to being an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on any basis such as race, color, religion, gender orientation, or national origin.

The American Bankers Association Routing Number (ABA Routing Number) is a nine-digit identification number that uniquely identifies financial institutions within the US. It usually appears on checks along with both an account number and checking account name, alongside their routing number.

doxo is a secure all-in-one service that connects all your provider accounts into one central platform for direct payments to thousands of billers without incurring additional fees or incurring interest charges. No bank or credit card details are stored with doxo; only your provider accounts can access their own.


Credit unions offer a range of savings services, from checking and savings accounts with competitive interest rates, online and mobile banking tools and competitively-priced personal loans and mortgages, all designed to help members meet their financial goals.

Credit unions offer consumers attractive fees and rates, higher APYs on savings products, and attentive customer service from an institution focused on their financial health. Banks tend to prioritize profit for shareholders over customer wellbeing – potentially leading to additional fees than what a credit union might impose.

doxo is an all-in-one bill pay service that makes managing and making payments to your providers easy and secure. While doxo is free for most users, some payments may incur fees.

Loans & Credit Cards

CCTFCU provides its members with a full suite of financial services, from loans and credit cards to customized solutions that promote financial health.

Credit unions differ from banks in that they are member-owned non-for-profit organizations, rather than being run for shareholders’ benefit. Instead of giving profits back as dividends on savings accounts or reduced rates on loans to shareholders, profits are returned directly back to members in dividends on savings accounts or lower loan interest rates.

Anyone living, working, attending school or worshipping in Cherokee and Muskogee counties is eligible to join a credit union under its community charter. Some credit unions also set criteria for membership based on employment or association affiliation. People with poor credit who cannot obtain financing through banks may still find relief through unsecured personal loans offered by credit unions – these loans could help pay off debt or cover expenses.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Residents of Cherokee County, GA can rely on financial advisors for expert assistance and advice as the population and economy expand. Financial advisors can guide residents through Georgia’s complex tax laws and help ensure that all eligible deductions and credits are taken advantage of.

CU Wealth Group also helps residents save for retirement with an array of investment products and services, including dedicated financial advisers to understand client priorities and develop an investment plan tailored specifically for them. In addition, estate planning and tax optimization advice is provided.

Last, these professionals can assist residents with mortgages and other lending needs. From car loans to home mortgages, these professionals offer competitive rates and convenient online banking tools that will get the job done.






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