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Caprock Federal Credit Union

Credit unions provide financial solutions, including checking and savings accounts, loans, credit cards and retirement planning services. In addition, many provide free online and mobile banking.

Dale Hansard has long been a respected leader within both the credit union movement and his local community. He currently sits on the Cornerstone League board as well as various committees; most recently he was honored to lead their Small Credit Union Committee.

Vision Values & Mission

Caprock Federal Credit Union is a community-oriented financial cooperative founded in 1966 that offers banking essentials, savings accounts, credit cards and loans. Serving a specific geographic region while also offering financial solutions tailored to individuals and businesses.

Members exercise democratic control over their credit union by electing officials and directing supervisory committees, with its shares (commonly referred to as “share capital”) serving as funding for lending and investment activities.

Rankin-Swan has dedicated her career to credit unions, serving in numerous leadership roles at Southland Federal Credit Union in Lufkin and other state-chartered credit unions. She provides mentorship for small credit union CEOs, teaches financial basics at a local school class and contributes to numerous charities.

Routing Number & Locations

Caprock Federal Credit Union’s routing number is 709 N 1st St, Lamesa TX 79331 and serves to identify its location. You may see it appear on checks before or after account numbers – knowing your routing number is important as it’s often required when setting up online banking accounts, direct deposit with employers, etc.

Credit union, established in 1965 and currently operating out of two locations, with deposits guaranteed by NCUA and employing 15 staff, offering loans, investments, savings accounts, credit and debit cards and related services to its members.


Caprock Bank provides an impressive variety of banking services, from checking accounts to savings accounts and credit cards – as well as loans such as auto loans and mortgages – making them highly sought after among Latino residents for its competitive rates and convenient loan process.

Caprock Federal Credit Union’s American Banking Association Routing Number can be found on any check issued by them and should appear either before or after your account number with a symbol representing a frowning face enclosing it. You will require this information when setting up direct deposit with an employer or moving funds between accounts.


Credit unions place a great deal of importance on loyalty. Staff should treat members as family, making them feel valued and demonstrating that the credit union cares for them long-term.

People’s Trust Credit Union in Texas is widely recognized for its aid towards Latino communities as well as efficient customer service. Furthermore, this institution offers attractively rated vehicle and home loans; particularly useful to individuals having experienced issues with other financial institutions. Furthermore, this credit union offers online banking services along with various related financial solutions.

Loans & Credit Cards

Hourly pay ranges for Caprock Federal Credit Union jobs may differ based on factors like location and the responsibilities, skills and experiences you possess.

People of Latino descent in Colorado can easily obtain loans from this credit union that offers attractive loan rates for vehicles and home purchases, with fast access to funds thanks to its efficient online banking service.

This financial institution provides a full selection of banking products and services, such as checking, savings accounts, investments, credit cards and more to its members in Texas. Their personalized solutions meet their financial goals more effectively. The institution has served communities since 1840.

Retirement Planning & Investments

No matter where your financial journey leads, Caprock Credit Union offers personalized solutions designed to empower it. Membership gives access to banking essentials like checking and savings accounts as well as lending options like personal loans, auto loans, mortgages and home equity lines of credit. Members can also take advantage of credit cards tailored specifically for them and their budget.

BBB has determined that Caprock Federal Credit Union meets all of its accreditation standards, which include commitment to good business practices and customer satisfaction. The rating represents BBB’s opinion about this organization’s activities across its locations as a whole.






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