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Brewster Federal Credit Union

Brewster Federal Credit Union offers its employees an average hourly wage of $34. Employees with more experience typically enjoy higher wages.

Membership to Stark County Credit Union is open to anyone living, working, worshipping or attending school within its borders, including their immediate family members. Financial services offered include savings accounts, checking accounts, debit cards, loans (auto, personal and home equity), insurance policies and investments.


Brewster Federal Credit Union is a local nonprofit serving a specific geographical area. Their services include online banking, mobile apps and traditional services like ATMs and telephone banking; all rated highly as outstanding customer service experiences.

Credit union members own and benefit from its cooperative model of operation, meaning money saved by all members is used to offer loans at low costs to those in need compared with large banks which act solely as financial intermediaries for their customers.

Are You Want to Join Brewster Federal Credit Union? Applicants who would like to join can visit either their website or in-person at 105 Wabash Ave S, Brewster, NY 12523 to make an application. Membership is open to anyone residing, working, worshipping or attending school in Stark County; NCUA insurance covers it and has rated them highly by BauerFinancial, while only 3 percent of Northeast Ohio Credit Unions have been classified by them as troubled or problematic by them.


Credit unions typically cater to a specific community, making their services more tailored and personalized. They also provide savings accounts, loans and debit cards as well as being often more cost effective than banks while often offering higher savings and CD rates.

Brewster Federal Credit Union has its main office located at 105 Wabash Ave S in Brewster, Ohio and employs approximately 8 individuals.

Brewster Federal Credit Union employees reported an estimated average salary for jobs at Brewster Federal Credit Union as $80,870 through Glassdoor submissions anonymously by employees. These estimates do not take into account variations based on location, department, job title and education or skills needed for certain roles – such as security positions which tend to pay between $34 to $44. Additionally, security jobs at Brewster Federal Credit Union tend to pay higher overtime pay than other jobs at the credit union.

Online Banking

Credit unions tend to offer more personalized and tailored service for specific communities than banks do, offering higher savings rates and savings accounts than their bank counterparts; additionally, federal protection exists; but it’s wise to consult the National Credit Union Administration’s Share Insurance Estimator tool in order to ascertain just how much of your money is insured against loss.

Location should also be an important factor when deciding which bank or credit union to select, from physical locations near you to online banks offering easy access from anywhere. Credit unions also offer convenient account opening with branches in multiple states.

Salary ranges for security positions can differ significantly depending on job title and location. Certain companies may pay more than others for comparable positions; it’s essential that you are aware of average salaries so you can make an informed decision regarding which organization best meets your career needs.

Mobile Banking

BFCU offers its members access to their accounts using mobile banking apps on both Apple and Android phones. Users can check account balance, view transactions and make transfers between accounts using this convenient service. Users may also order checks directly through this application.

Customers can also utilize this service to report outages or any issues with their accounts, at no cost; however, customers are required to submit some basic information including their email address and additional pieces of data.

BFCU, located at 105 Wabash Avenue South in Brewster, Ohio and employing six individuals, operates within the Federal Credit Unions industry and falls into Depository Institutions classification. Annual revenues total $726,122 while its deposits are protected by National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF). BFCU serves customers throughout the United States under Tom Preston as CEO.






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