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Aviva Annuities – Are They Right For You?

An annuity provides you with a secure income stream throughout your lifetime, offering peace of mind and financial stability. Investing in an annuity varies from investing in fixed deposits which typically offer higher returns but are subject to market fluctuations and liquidity issues; ultimately the decision on whether an annuity suits your investment goals depends on both risk and tolerance level.

Aviva annuities offer the perfect solution to help you achieve your retirement goals. They can be purchased with either a lump sum payment or regular installments, with payment increases adjusted each year according to inflation. Plus there are tax advantages and protection against inflation!

When purchasing a pension plan from Aviva, you can also safeguard the future of your spouse with a joint-life last-survivor annuity feature. This feature ensures that after your death they continue receiving monthly income from it as part of the annuity payment. Furthermore, no investment limit exists, enabling larger investments and greater returns for you and your money.

Aviva plc has an established history of providing customers with financial services and has a proven record for exceptional customer service. Aviva offers products such as annuities, mortgages and savings and investments and has amassed more than 19 million customers globally – one of Europe’s leading general insurers with headquarters located in London and parent company Aviva plc as its parent entity.

When considering an annuity, it’s wise to compare rates and options carefully before making your selection. Different providers offer differing rates, while your income depending on your circumstances and age can fluctuate – taking the time to shop around will allow you to find an annuity tailored specifically to you.

Aviva provides more than annuities; they also offer various insurance policies, such as term life coverage for five to ten year terms – perfect for those worried about outliving their savings! At the end of a term’s duration, any remaining money can either be taken as a lump sum payout or invested further through drawdown.

Aviva Insurance Company Ltd has recently seen profitability suffer due to low interest rates. To cope with this challenging environment, they announced changes to their fixed annuity lineup: reduced premium bonuses on Income Preferred, Spirit, and Income Select series annuities as well as decreased roll-ups for Income Edge Plus and Income Edge Flex products will all help.

Insurance Company for over 150 Years The insurance company has been operating for more than 150 years and is one of the leading global providers of life, health, accident and sickness policies. They boast more than 19 Million UK Customers as well as operating globally with subsidiaries and affiliates worldwide.