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Avestar Credit Union

Credit unions provide various financial services while encouraging savings and investing in community projects. Credit unions must also manage regulatory compliance issues, economic fluctuations and enhance cybersecurity measures effectively.

SchoolsFirst Credit Union is a credit union dedicated to serving school staff – from teachers and custodians, through administrators and custodial staff to custodial workers – as well as their families. Through its focus on education, SchoolsFirst has developed deep bonds with its members and become an indispensable financial partner.


Credit unions provide an array of financial products, from savings and checking accounts to loans, credit cards, mortgages, investment services and insurance – not forgetting financial inclusion and education! Credit unions face unique challenges such as regulatory compliance requirements, economic fluctuations and market volatility as well as cybersecurity concerns.

Avestar credit union welcomes new members who reside or work within Columbia, Jefferson, Dane, Dodge or Madison counties or who are an immediate family member of an existing member. Membership requirements ensure that everyone with an interest in Avestar also has an opportunity to have input on its future direction – join now online!


AVESTAR CREDIT UNION IS DEDICATED TO PROVIDING ITS MEMBERS WITH RELIABLE AND STABLE FINANCIAL SERVICES. Our MEMBERS will receive fair and competitive returns on their investments while we aim to maintain the financial health of AVESTAR.

NCUA requires all Credit unions insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund to submit quarterly (5300) data reports, providing an accurate snapshot of their financial condition at one particular moment in time – quarter end.

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Avestar Credit Union provides state charter financial products tailored specifically to Wisconsin residents’ needs. Eligible members include those living or working in Columbia, Jefferson, Dane and Dodge Counties of Wisconsin as well as immediate family of current members. Avestar participates in over 5,600 CO-OP Shared Branch locations worldwide giving members access to traditional banking services regardless of where they may be.

The NCUA mandates that all credit unions insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund file quarterly (5300) data reports with them. This allows for comparison purposes at local, state and national levels.


Avestar Credit Union provides its members with a variety of banking services, such as savings accounts, checking, mortgages, auto loans and credit cards. They also offer investment and insurance services as well as financial education resources to help make informed financial decisions.

Credit unions make an invaluable contribution to the US economy by offering affordable financial services and encouraging savings. Furthermore, they support community projects while offering financial literacy programs for their members.

Credit union employees typically earn an hourly hourly pay rate between $35 to $45, though individual pay could differ based on factors like job titles, departments and locations.

Loans & Credit Cards

Credit unions provide an array of financial services, from loans and credit cards to education programs designed to help people save money and build financial literacy. While facing challenges such as regulatory compliance or economic fluctuations can present themselves as obstacles, credit unions see these challenges as opportunities to improve customer service.

SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union caters to school employees from teachers to custodians and their families, creating strong ties among its membership while offering them access to a full suite of financial products.

Join online today and start reaping the benefits. Membership is open to residents and businesses of Columbia County as well as immediate family of current members.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Avestar Credit Union is a state-chartered financial institution with deep roots in Wisconsin’s Columbia, Jefferson, Dane and Dodge Counties as well as their immediate families – open membership is welcome among residents, employees and employers of these counties as well as immediate family members of current credit union members.

Credit unions play an essential role in supporting local economies through savings and loan offerings as well as community development efforts, with its large market share indicative of their ability to meet members’ needs effectively.

Debt Protection Coverage is a voluntary loan-payment protection product designed to assist borrowers in maintaining payments even if a protected life event arises, so speak with your loan representative today about it!






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