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Atrium Credit Union

Credit unions are non-profit financial institutions promoting thrift while offering members credit. Their members own and run credit unions through a volunteer board of directors.

Credit union ABA routing numbers are usually at the bottom of checks, preceded and followed by an unusual symbol.

Vision Values & Mission

Atrium Health is an industry leader in shaping healthcare outcomes, driven by research, education, and compassionate patient care. Their goal is to advance health for everyone they serve by improving health, raising hope, and providing healing support.

Credit unions are member-owned financial cooperatives founded to encourage thrift and provide credit at competitive rates. Their Board of Directors is elected by their membership to represent them and set strategic direction; additionally, they oversee safety and soundness issues, policy implementation, performance measures, etc.

Credit unions face unique challenges and opportunities during periods of economic instability. Here, Atrium highlights how loan participation investing has enabled its growth while adapting to volatile markets with this recent case study.

Routing Number & Locations

Atrium Credit Union’s ABA Routing Number is 242278755. You can locate this number on any check issued from their bank as well as in their online banking portal.

Credit unions stand out among their banking counterparts by providing similar financial services, including checking accounts, savings accounts, loans and credit cards – yet with lower fees and better deposit rates than banks.

At Atrium Credit Union Inc, annual salary estimates range from $64,494 to $72,122 with Bank Tellers receiving the lowest salary at approximately $28,866 annually.


Atrium offers everything you need, whether it’s saving for retirement, buying a home or simply managing daily finances – From checking and savings accounts with competitive rates and online and mobile banking tools to account opening and managing tools, Atrium has you covered.

Routing numbers may appear before or after your checking account number on checks, and are necessary for connecting online accounts to bank accounts as well as direct depositing with employers, among other uses.

This credit union operates under a state charter in Ohio and employs four staff. Their ABA routing number is 066258846 and they file Form 990 annually.


Atrium provides access to an extensive array of savings solutions. From checking and savings accounts, retirement planning services and investment options – you can meet your financial goals through customized solutions offered by Atrium.

Credit unions typically offer higher savings and checking account rates compared to banks; however, their services might be limited.

Discover how a small credit union utilized LoanStreet to optimize their loan participation investment strategy and achieve growth during a difficult period. Our customer intelligence solutions combine CRM strategy, data analytics and engineering into best-of-breed technology solutions that help retail banks and credit unions reduce attrition while driving deposit growth.

Loans & Credit Cards

Atrium offers tools and support services designed to help you meet all of your savings goals – be they home ownership, vehicle purchases or securing retirement. Our Banking Essentials packages can be tailored specifically to meet the needs of your lifestyle and financial goals, and our lending solutions offer competitive rates with flexible terms.

VolCorp provides cost-effective card issuance without IT support through the Card@Once program, making prepaid cards convenient and secure for members and their families. Furthermore, through our revolutionary i-Care solution which reduces claim risk and premium volatility for memberships of credit unions – find out more today about these credit union services!

Retirement Planning & Investments

Investing involves risk, such as the potential loss of principal. Diversification and asset allocation do not guarantee against losses in declining markets.

Everyone has different dreams for their retirement. Whatever that may be, we can assist with them all.

Atrium’s Deposit Management solution allows your business to increase deposits, identify red flags in time to prevent attrition, enhance the customer experience, save costs and operational efficiencies while improving operational efficiencies and cost savings.






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