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Andover Federal Credit Union

Credit unions are member-owned financial organizations that typically offer higher savings account rates and lower borrowing costs than banks.

Members can easily make deposits, withdrawals and transfers at any branch location. Furthermore, they can request official bank checks and bill-pay services as well as make use of free notary public services to sign documents.


Andover Federal Credit Union exists to meet your financial needs – be they mortgage, checking account, credit card or loan related – through services tailored specifically for government organizations and their immediate families.

Dan Ziniti has joined Hanscom FCU’s executive team as Chief Strategy Officer. In this position, he will oversee member experience, product management and develop purposeful data strategy strategies. With more than two decades of banking and leadership experience under his belt, he brings unparalleled value.

Values & Mission

Credit unions distribute profits back to members through higher savings rates and lower-cost loans, as well as educational sessions on topics such as home buying and personal finances.

Membership to Greater Haverhill Chamber is open to anyone living or working in its geographical boundaries – this includes residents and workers in Massachusetts cities such as Amesbury, Andover, Boxford, Georgetown Groveland Haverhill Lawrence Merrimac Methuen Newburyport Rowley Salisbury West Newbury as well as New Hampshire towns such as Atkinson Hampstead Plaistow Salem Sandown as well as healthcare facilities approved by Chamber. Healthcare facility workers may also join!

Routing Number & Locations

Routing numbers (ABA Routing Transit Numbers) are nine-digit codes used to identify financial institutions when conducting transactions, including direct deposits via Automated Clearing House (ACH), online banking bill payments wire transfers and federal tax payments.

Locate your ABA Routing Number on one of your checks or by signing in to online banking portal. Your routing number may differ from others within same region/state.

Locate a branch near you to open an account, apply for loans or make deposits.


Credit union membership provides access to several checking accounts, including rewards, interest-earning and money market accounts. Members can also deposit payroll or government checks directly into these accounts which are insured by NCUA.

Current membership for this credit union stands at over 4 million members nationwide and 1,200 employees. Entry is open to anyone belonging to an SEG and its headquarters are at 19C Lupine Road in Andover, Massachusetts.

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Contrary to banks, credit unions return profits directly back to members in the form of higher savings rates and reduced loan costs – in addition to providing educational sessions on personal finance topics.

Andovers Federal Credit Union offers various savings accounts, including main share, certificate and money market accounts as well as holiday club accounts that enable members to save as much or as little each pay period. They even offer an account specifically dedicated to holiday savings!

Debit cards offer an easy and efficient way to transfer funds between accounts. You can use them at ATMs as well as stores, restaurants and merchants who display VISA, Mastercard or Discover logos.

Loans & Credit Cards

Credit unions provide members with an array of loan products such as mortgage, auto, home equity and personal loans as well as money market accounts and savings accounts. Their profits are returned back to members via higher savings rates and lower borrowing costs than banks can offer.

Credit unions also frequently host educational sessions to assist their members in making sound financial decisions, including seminars on such subjects as home buying or saving for retirement.

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Retirement Planning & Investments

Credit unions are mutual companies that return profits back to members in the form of higher savings rates, lower loan rates and free or reduced cost services. Furthermore, these organizations are democratically run and operated by volunteers elected from their membership.

Credit union membership provides members with direct deposit services that allow them to avoid carrying cash or writing checks for payments, while an ATM card works at most any ATM and VISA, MasterCard and Discover merchants.

Investments such as an IRA/ROTH permit members to make tax deductible or tax-free contributions each year. Please consult a tax accountant for further details.






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