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Allianz Benefit Control Annuity Review: A Quick Summary

Allianz Benefit Control Annuity Review

  • Our Allianz Benefit Control annuity review summary was compiled from public and reputable sources like the Better Business Bureau, and the NAIC.
  • Annuities are complicated investment products. Always seek qualified advice before making a decision. For more information about the Allianz company and family of annuity and insurance products, please visit our comprehensive guide: Allianz Annuities


  1. Protected Income Value (PIV):
    • The PIV feature bolsters retirement income, offering growth potential through premium payments and interest bonuses. This value can increase each year based on the premiums paid and the interest accrued. Thus enhancing the annuitant’s financial security in retirement. The PIV provides a guaranteed income base, which is particularly beneficial for calculating lifetime income payments, thereby offering a stable and predictable source of income during retirement.
  2. Flexible Income Options:
    • The annuity offers significant flexibility in how income is received. Annuitants can opt for lifetime income withdrawals, providing a consistent stream of income for life. Alternatively, there’s the option for lump sum payouts, allowing access to a significant portion of the annuity’s value in a single payment. This flexibility is crucial for addressing varying financial needs and goals, whether it’s ensuring steady income or accessing a large sum for significant expenses or investments.
  3. Diverse Investment Choices:
    • Allianz Benefit Control Annuity includes investment options such as Bloomberg US Dynamic Balance and PIMCO Tactical Balanced indices. These options allow for a diversified investment approach, catering to different risk tolerances and market scenarios. By investing in these indices, annuitants can benefit from the expertise of leading financial institutions and potentially enhance the growth of their annuity funds through varied market strategies.
  4. Participation Rate:
    • The participation rate in an annuity is crucial as it determines the extent to which annuitants benefit from gains in the linked index. A higher participation rate results in a greater proportion of the index’s gains being credited to the annuity. Potentially leading to higher interest earnings. This mechanism allows annuitants to participate in market upswings while providing a level of protection against market downturns, typical of fixed index annuities.
  5. Lifetime Income After Age 50:
    • The annuity allows for the commencement of regular income payments following the annuity’s anniversary after the annuitant turns 50. This feature is particularly beneficial for those planning early retirement or those who require income support soon after reaching their 50s. The ability to start receiving income at a relatively young age can be a significant advantage in financial planning. Offering both flexibility and security in retirement income planning.


  1. Complexity and Early Withdrawal Penalties:
    • Like many annuities, the Allianz Benefit Control Annuity features complex terms that can be challenging for some investors to navigate. One significant aspect of this complexity is the structure of early withdrawal penalties. While the annuity offers a 10% penalty-free withdrawal each year, withdrawals exceeding this limit are subject to surrender charges. These charges are typically highest in the early years of the annuity and gradually decrease over time. The surrender schedule, which varies based on the contract, can make financial planning difficult and add a layer of complexity for investors seeking liquidity from their annuity investments.
  2. Customer Service Issues:
    • Many customers have reported difficulties in managing their annuities. Attributed to both the product’s complexity and the customer service provided by Allianz. These challenges often arise when dealing with the annuity’s nuanced features. Such as understanding the terms of lifetime income withdrawals, participation rates, and the impact of market performance on the annuity’s value. Additionally, some customers have voiced frustrations regarding the responsiveness and helpfulness of Allianz’s customer service team. Including long wait times for assistance and insufficient support in resolving issues or answering detailed queries about their annuity contracts.
  3. Challenges in Withdrawal Processing:
    • A number of customers have encountered issues with the processing of their withdrawal requests. This involves experiencing delays in receiving funds, especially when sending the disbursement to a PO Box. The timing of responses and the efficiency of the withdrawal process have been points of contention. Some customers experience significant delays in receiving their funds or encountering bureaucratic hurdles that complicate the withdrawal process.
  4. Variable Returns:
    • The financial returns of the Allianz Benefit Control Annuity are subject to variability, largely influenced by the participation rates and the performance of the underlying index or indices chosen for the annuity. Participation rates dictate the percentage of an index’s gain credited to the annuity, significantly impacting the investment’s growth. Additionally, market volatility and fluctuating economic conditions can affect investment performance, leading to periods of lower-than-expected returns for the annuitant.
  5. Customer Dissatisfaction:
    • Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with their overall financial returns from the Allianz Benefit Control Annuity. This dissatisfaction arises because the annuity does not meet expectations, either due to lower-than-promised returns, the impact of fees and charges on the annuity’s value, or the complex terms of the annuity. Which purchasers might not have fully understood at the time of acquisition. Additionally, the management of these investments by life insurance companies like Allianz has been a point of contention for some customers. Who feel that the product does not adequately meet their financial goals and needs.






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