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Alabama River Credit Union

Alabama River Credit Union offers its members a comprehensive set of financial services to assist with their journey. Banking essentials, such as checking and savings accounts, as well as loans to cover life’s unexpected costs are readily available.

Your routing number can be found in the lower-left corner of your check.


Credit unions are democratically-owned financial cooperatives where members have equal ownership and decision-making power. Each year at annual meetings, members gather to review progress reports and elect a board of directors and supervisory committees that oversee its operation.

Alabama River Credit Union in Monroeville offers comprehensive financial solutions that support your personal and business financial journeys. Services offered by Alabama River Credit Union include checking and savings accounts; loans such as personal, auto, home equity loans or lines of credit; as well as rewards-based credit cards.

LSCU & Affiliates serves Alabama, Florida and Georgia credit union systems by providing advocacy, compliance services, education and training as well as collaborative community initiatives.

Values & Mission

Alabama River Credit Union’s mission is to provide personalized member-centric financial services and enable members on their path toward reaching their financial goals. They provide essential banking essentials such as checking and savings accounts as well as lending solutions such as personal loans, auto loans, home equity lines of credit and credit cards.

Membership of Tuscaloosa and Pickens County Chamber of Commerce is open to anyone who resides, works, worships or attends school within these counties. Members can take advantage of community initiatives as well as services like notary service.

Routing Number & Locations

Alabama River Credit Union operates under a state charter and offers financial solutions such as savings, checking, loans, investments, credit cards and debit cards to its members. With branches spread throughout Alabama – members can access their accounts using online banking, mobile apps or ATMs; payroll deduction and notary services can also be taken advantage of through Alabama River Credit Union. To gain further insight into its financial strength and strength of structure view their net worth ratio or breakdown of capital structure.


Alabama River Credit Union offers financial solutions including savings and checking accounts, loans, investments, credit and debit cards, payroll deduction, ATMs and online banking to communities throughout Alabama. The company serves communities throughout its service area.

Your ARMCU Visa Debit/Check Card serves multiple functions – it works like a check at any merchant that accepts VISA and also works as an ATM card on its network. Many employers provide direct deposit through ACH (automated clearinghouse). Please visit or call one of our branches for details.

Stay connected with the Credit Union anytime, anywhere by accessing your account information via compatible mobile device, enrolling in Online Banking or downloading and using the Mobile App – standard messaging and data rates may apply.


As a member, you have access to an extensive array of financial solutions – savings accounts, checking accounts, loans and credit cards are just a few examples – to easily manage your finances when saving for a home purchase or simply managing budgetary needs.

Your membership at the credit union includes a complimentary Visa Debit/Check Card that works like several cards at once. Use it wherever VISA is accepted or at ATMs on PULSE and CU24 networks to shop or withdraw cash.

Compare Alabama River Credit Union in Monroeville AL easily against other credit unions by viewing this concise financial overview, which provides a snapshot of its assets, liabilities and income metrics.

Loans & Credit Cards

Credit Union members enjoy access to a comprehensive selection of financial services, from checking and savings accounts, investment options, loans and credit cards – easily check their status online or contact one of their representatives for help.

No matter if you are saving or shopping, our Visa Debit and Mastercard cards make life simpler. Use them anywhere VISA accepts as payment or at an ATM for convenient cash access 24/7 with our mobile apps offering secure access.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Alabama River can help you start on your path toward financial security – no matter what stage in life or career. We offer banking essentials, lending solutions, and credit cards tailored specifically to meet the needs of both budget and lifestyle.

PEEHIP provides comprehensive coverage for hospitalization, prescriptions, doctor visits, lab work and screenings, X-rays and supplies – including coordination with Medicare Part A and Part B plans.

Roth Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) provide the perfect way to grow investments tax-free. Federally insured up to $250,000 per account member by the National Credit Union Administration, they’re also protected by full faith and credit of the U.S. government – making Roth IRAs one of the safest investments possible!






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