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Advantage Credit Union Mansfield Ohio

Advantage Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution and cooperative owned and managed by its members. With 27 Ohio branches and over 5,000 shared branches nationwide, Advantage has made itself available to more people.

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Vision Values & Mission

Members’ Advantage Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial organization owned and run by its members. Established in 1961, Members’ Advantage is a full-service financial institution founded to serve auto workers and their families, while still operating today in Ohio and Kentucky. To join, one must fill out a membership card and deposit at least $5.00 into a share savings account; other benefits available to members include our college scholarship program where annually one graduating senior receives a $1,000 scholarship towards college expenses.

Routing Number & Locations

Advantage operates under an Ohio state charter and offers financial products and services tailored specifically to the needs of Ohioans. Membership is open to residents living, working, or worshipping within Richland County; plus family members of existing Advantage credit union members.

A routing number is a nine-digit code used to identify financial institutions within the US and to process bank transactions such as direct deposit, Automatic Clearing House payments (ACH), wire transfers and e-checks.

Routing numbers appear in the bottom-left corner of a check, typically before or after an image resembling a frown symbol. Advantage Credit Union’s ABA check routing number is 241279881.


Cha-Ching Rewards Checking provides an up to $25 dividend monthly, while ATM surcharge fee rebates of $10 may also be provided by this credit union. Furthermore, additional financial services offered include investments, savings accounts, loans and credit cards.

Advantage, with one office and five ATMs in Ohio and 6,095 members, was originally founded as Auto Workers Credit Union to serve employees at General Motors Mansfield plant and their families. Now operating under state charter in Ohio, Advantage provides its services to residents across Ohio as well.


Advantage Credit Union operates under an Ohio state charter and offers financial services to residents throughout Ohio. The credit union currently boasts 99 branches with its main office being located at 700 Stumbo Road in Mansfield. Members have access to online and mobile banking options as well as traditional services such as ATMs and branch locations; it also offers certificates and money market accounts as savings products, and annually awards one graduating senior a scholarship towards college expenses.

American Share Insurance insures deposits at this credit union, while it files quarterly (5300) data reports with the National Credit Union Administration.

Loans & Credit Cards

Advantage Credit Union offers loans, investments, savings accounts, debit/credit cards and online banking to communities throughout Ohio under its state charter. Membership is open to residents as well as their immediate family members living there.

As part of your application for credit and any updates, renewals, or extensions we extend you, we may obtain credit reports. By authorizing us to do this, you are also indemnifying and holding harmless the Credit Union against any claims related to such reports being furnished.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Financial planners in Mansfield, OH can be of invaluable service to its residents. These professionals can assist individuals in planning for retirement and saving enough for day-to-day expenses, while managing finances more efficiently and making informed decisions regarding investment strategies.

One of the primary services a financial advisor provides is guidance on local tax deductions and credits. This service can be especially helpful to homeowners of historic properties who may qualify for additional savings on taxes while making the most of their home ownership experience.






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