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Academic Employees Credit Union

Academic Employees Credit Union provides for the financial needs of educators and those associated with educational institutions. Teachers, administrators, janitors, aides and even employees of education-supply stores may all qualify for membership in our credit union.

AECU is an NCUA insured full service federal credit union offering competitive rates subject to change without notice. Offering savings and loan products tailored specifically for members.

Values & Mission

Pace University faculty and staff were among the first members to join AECU as one of our founding members, embodying integrity, accountability, inclusion, transparency. Our team values excellence and continuous improvement and is driven by a desire to strengthen our community. AECU membership is open to employees of schools in Boone County and seven surrounding counties including teachers, administrators, janitors, aides coaches as well as employees at education-supply stores – family members are welcome as well.


AECU provides members with personalized, member-centric banking and lending solutions designed to empower their financial journeys. We offer checking accounts with no monthly charges; mobile and online banking; ATMs; branches; personal loans/auto loans/mortgages/credit cards and home equity lines of credit among others as lending solutions. AECU welcomes anyone working within education in Boone County or seven surrounding counties such as teachers/administrators/janitors/aides or even employees at educational supply stores as members.

Members can authorize the Credit Union to cover ATM or one-time debit card transactions that would result in an overdrawn account balance by providing affirmative consent through the AECU website. Fees associated with this service can be found in the Fee Schedule.


No matter your financial goals – whether that be for home ownership, travel or just peace of mind – AECU provides savings accounts with ease of management with their online and mobile banking solutions.

However, unlike banks, credit unions return profits to members as dividends on their shares. To take advantage of these dividends and start reaping its benefits immediately, open a primary share account now!

Boone County and seven neighboring counties are eligible to join AECU, including teachers, administrators, janitors, aides, coaches and employees of education supply stores. Family members of those eligible can also join.

Loans & Credit Cards

Academic Employees Credit Union stands out from banks by returning its profits back to its members through reduced savings rates and higher loan interest rates, providing some of the most competitive loan rates for mortgages and auto loans available today.

AECU also offers an innovative mechanical breakdown protection plan, acting like an extended warranty for your vehicle and covering repair costs even after its manufacturer warranty has lapsed.

This credit union welcomes anyone working or associated with education or educational institutions – teachers, administrators, janitors, aides, coaches and even school supply store employees are eligible. Immediate family members of members may also join.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Save for vacations, taxes or personal splurges using one of our specialty savings accounts and rest easy knowing all your savings are federally insured.

Consider your retirement goals – find out if you have enough saved, what health insurance options are available, and estimate any upcoming expenses.

At our credit union, we provide retirement planning and investment services through CUSO Financial Services, LP (“CFS”). Non-deposit investments do not represent deposit guarantees from our credit union and involve risk that could include loss of principal. All Investment Representatives registered through CFS.






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